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We serve a wide range of teas, infusions and well-being tonics in our café and stock even more in our deli for you to try at home.  We use tea made by two wonderful companies, who all share our passion for beautiful tea, carefully made.
Jeeves Jericho TeaJeeves & Jericho is our newest Tea supplier, based in Oxford.  They specialise in making totally unique loose leaf teas in gorgeous tins, perfect for stacking up a selection of flavours at home, but equally splendid as a gift to the tea-lover in your life.   We use these in our Café so you can try all the different flavours out.  Once you’re hooked you can bring their retail tins back for a refill with a 25% off the list price.

Tregothnan TeaTregothnan are based in Cornwall, and are the only actual tea producer growing tea in England! Tea, or ‘Camellia Sinensis’, now thrives on the vast Tregothnan estate, enabling them to produce a lovely range of teas.  We use their classic breakfast and earl grey teabags as our take-away tea’s, but also sell their tea-leaves in retail tubes.

Black Teas

♥ anti-oxidant rich   ♥ stimulant   ♥ lowers blood sugar levels   ♥ helps a healthy heart

Breakfast Tea

There is nothing better than a genuinely ‘fabulicious’ cup of English Breakfast tea. J&J use a blend of different Assam teas from India’s finest tea gardens in this traditional and well-known classic.

Darjeeling First Flush

This beautifully light and elegant handpicked tea is the first flush from one of India’s best tea estates – the Gielle Estate. These first young leaves produce the finest tea, earning Darjeeling its ‘Champagne of Tea’ title.

Earl of Grey

The most famous of all the scented black teas, J&J’s ‘Earl of Grey’ is a unique take on the classic, with its zesty lime taste and aroma. Using only the finest black leaf tea with delicious natural Sicilian bergamot oil. Let ‘Earl of Grey’ brighten your day!

Smokey Russian Caravan

This exotic blend contains black leaf Keemun, Assam, Darjeeling and Tarry Lapsang Souchong. Inspired by the Silk Road trading routes, this gold award-winning bold black tea contains more than a hint of smouldering alpine forest!

Spiced Masala Chai

Chai tea, widely known as the national drink in India, literally means spiced tea. The components of chai tea are black tea and spices that are common in India and often associated in ayurvedic medicine. Chai tea is not only loved for its taste but also for its well known positive effects on mind and body. A calming boost to warm the cockles on even the most wild and blustery day.

White Tea

♥ purifying   ♥ refreshing   ♥ soothing   ♥ cooling   ♥ anti-oxidant   

China Pai Mu TanStump Teapot

This is one of the most natural and unprocessed teas in the world – derived from white peonies grown in the Chinese Fujian province – nectar for the body and soul. White tea has three times as many antioxidants as green or black tea and is 100% more effective in mopping up free radicals.

Green Tea

♥ anti-oxidant rich   ♥ Calming   ♥ relieves exhaustion   ♥ lifts your mood   ♥ relieves headaches

Dragon Well

This Lung Ching tea from Zhejiang, China, is also known as ‘Dragon Well’ or ‘Tea of the Emperor’. With a beautiful jade green colour, mellow nutty taste and fragrant sweet aroma, this ancient tea is packed with youth-giving antioxidants.

Fruit Teas

♥ digestive   ♥ relaxing   ♥ helps aches and pains   ♥ relieves anxiety   ♥ boosts immunity   ♥ relieves cold and flu symptoms    

Red Berry Burst

Totally ‘fruitalicious’! J&J’s red berry tisane is an explosion of summer flavour and colour. This is packed full of vitamin goodness and guarantees a taste of summer sunshine year-round.

Blackcurrant Pop

stump teapotThe tart, delicate and intense flavour of blackcurrants and raisins blended with elderberries and an inkling of pineapple sweetness to make for a truly fruity tonic.

Note that if you’re buying the retail packs of these fruit teas they are both equally delicious chilled and served over crushed ice.

Infusions & Tonics

♥ digestive   ♥ relaxing   ♥ helps aches and pains   ♥ relieves anxiety   ♥ boosts immunity   ♥ relieves cold and flu symptoms    

Camomile Blossoms

This is a herbal blend of Egyptian whole camomile flowers rubbed with Spanish lavender. The honey-like camomile, when combined with the aromatic notes of lavender produce an infusion with fragrance and sweetness. This tea is ideal for relieving colds, soothing the stomach and promotes relaxation and wellbeing.

Mojito Mint

This is a bespoke herbal blend, combining the assertive zing of peppermint and the calming freshness of lemongrass with the subtle sweetness of lime, marigold and cornflower blossoms. Delicious, soothing and refreshing with both digestive and cleansing properties.

African Rooibos

A South African rooibos with malty, tasty aromas that transform into a smooth, mellow taste filled with nutty biscuity flavours with a light, fresh, finish. A fantastic alternative to black tea which is also caffeine free for all day and night drinking.


This is a 100% organic detoxifying herbal infusion, specially blended to prove that something that’s great for you can also taste totally fabulous! Packed with herbs and spices this cleansing tonic is fully loaded with health-giving vitamins and minerals. Contains a heavenly blend of coriander, nana mint, orange peel, lemon grass, nettle leaves, cloves, cinnamon, dried apple pieces, ginger root and green cardamom.

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