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cheese and wine eveningWe have added extra dates to our cheese and wine diary, including some Friday and Saturday options.

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Latest Products

Our vision for our products is to source local, sustainable, traceable and organic where ever possible.  Only if we can’t find the right product locally (Bristol) do we widen the search (South West).  Regulars and visitors alike tend to request local products more and more.  By knowing the provenance behind our products we are able to gain customer confidence and differentiate ourselves from the supermarkets and chains.

We are always looking to bring in new products, the following are some of the products we have added since March 2012.

Styles Icecream - May 2016

We selected Styles as our new icecream supplier from May 2016.

The recipes ar eperfected by Sue in her farmhouse kitchen, using only fresh whole Jersey cow’s or sheep’s milk. Styles use fresh West Country cream and no artificial colours or ingredients. We love the great range of flavours and the fact we can also offer a Ewe's milk version of several of the icecreams. Available in 125g and 500g pots.

Arch House Deli - Chocolate Bars - April 2016

Arch House Deli Chocolate BarOur own range of handmade chocolate bars available in a variety of flavours (100g).  We've been working with local master chocolatier James Chocolates for a number of years and are delighted in now being able to offer a range of our own branded chocolate bars made for us by James Chocolates.

All the bars are made of the finest quality chocolate and are available in a range of dark and milk flavours. Also available from our online shop.

Cheese Making Kits - July 2015

Bristol Cheese Making KitsAs you know we love cheese and at Christmas we sold cheese making kits. Feedback was so good that we now stock them all the time. So if you'd like to make your own cheese just pick up one of these kits and discover the wonders of cheese making.

Now available online too

New local beer - Wiper and True - March 2015

We've added another local beer to our shelves. Our staff were already fans of the brand and we're all delighted to now be stocking Wiper and True beer.

British Vodka - Chase Distillery - February 2015

Bristol VodkaFrom 3rd March 2015 we stock Chase's:-

  • Rhubarb Vodka
  • Orange Marmalade Vodka
  • Smoked Vodka
  • Classic Vodka

Based in Herefordshire the Chase farm grow King Edward and Lady Claire potatoes for the distillery, as well as cider apples for their Naked Chase Apple Vodka and Williams Gin.

"Having the distillery located on the farm allows us to keep a watchful eye over how our potatoes and apples move from field to bottle. It’s this single-estate approach that makes us different – something you can taste in our award-winning vodka."

Cornish Charcuterie's - Pates & Charcuterie - February 2015

Delighted to now be stocking Cornish Charcuterie's pates and charcuterie.

Britol CharcuterieCornish Charcuterie is based at Norton Barton Farm located just outside Bude in North Cornwall and home to Richard and Fionagh Harding and their four children.

Following successful careers in The City, once they became parents they wanted to give their children a quality of life only available in a rural environment.  They decided to convert their passion for food into a business that would revolve around farming traditional breeds which thrive in local conditions; their aim, to produce exceptional quality British Charcuterie using home produced ingredients in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.

Cranberry Balsamic Cream - November 2014

A luxurious blend of date syrup, Balsamico di Modena and natural Cranberry juice. Well-rounded balsamic note combined with the sharp and zingy, fruity Cranberry flavours. Ideal for Sauces, Salad Dressings and Fruit Salads. Well suited to chicken, duck, turkey and fish. Makes a nice rich gravy with meat juices. Available online

Open Date - Cheese and Wine Vouchers - October 2014

We have recently introduced Open Date Vouchers. These vouchers entitle you to a place at any one of the tastings, subject to availability.
They are a great gift idea where you are not sure of the availability of the recipient.  So rather than specifying a set date for the event you leave it open to them to contact us and book themselves on a date that works best for them.

New Winter Products - October 2014

Lots of new products ready for Christmas, including cheese making kits, ice cream making kits and cheese boards and knifes.

Hazelnut Balsamic Cream - September 2014

After the success of our Fig & Date Balsamic Cream and Blood Orange Balsamic we have added another fantastic Balsam to the range - Hazelnut Balsamic Cream. Come along and taste the range. Available online

Walking books of Clifton from Julia Killingback - April 2014

We were delighted to be the first place in Clifton Village to stock Julia Killingback’s new walking books.  Why not enjoy following these clear and lively guides that will take you on a circular walk around Clifton?

Smoked Cheddar from The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company - March 2014

Traditional cheddar gently cold smoked over old oak whisky barrels.

The Cheddar Gorge Cheese Company, continue to make cheese in the traditional way and are alone in keeping the art of Cheddar making alive in the heart of the village of Cheddar.

Handmade bread boards - February 2014

Handmade bread boards. All made from local wood. Ash from Ashton court anyone? As well as Cherry, London Plane, Oak and Chestnut all from in and around Bristol.

Bray's Cottage Pork Pies - January 2014

Brays Cottage Pork Pies BristolWe are pleased to stock multi-award winning pork pies from Bray's Cottage. Sarah from Bray's Cottage uses only the very best pork from outdoor and lovingly reared (in North Norfolk) pigs. Not off cuts, not the bits that you wouldn’t want on your plate – just the very best. And to that they add a little quality cured bacon, to give the pies their distinct smokey note.

The pastry is a hotwater crust pastry that, due to its biscuity essence, gets compliments from far and wide. Oh, and here’s another thing: there’s no jelly in the pies.

Give them a try they are amazing.

Melchiori Apple Balsamic- December 2013

Vinegars are one of the oldest traditional health foods found throughout the world. Naturally fermented vinegars, in simplistic terms, basically start out as fresh fruit juices. They are naturally fermented into an alcohol liquid, where the fermentation process uses up most of the natural sugars turning them into alcohol. Further fermentation turns what is an alcoholic liquid into a more acidic liquid without alcohol - vinegar. Natural vinegars have health properties by nature of the fact that they are vinegars, but they also retain the health characteristics of the fruit they were fermented from - without the sugar.

Melchiori apple balsamics are made with cider and therefore they are made only from apples. The Melchiori family that goes back to 1700, is based in a small village in the Italian Dolomites, where 70% of the apples of Italy are grown. In particular the Val di Non is probably the oldest area in Italy where apples have been grown for hundreds of years. The reason they do not contain sulphites (a part from a natural small amount that naturally occurred during the fermentation process) is because they are not made with grape.

ManFood - October 2013

ManFood - BristolManfood is a new range of great tasting foods that are simply made and packed with flavour: no flavourings, no additives, no messing.

Manfood is just that: the kind of simple, great tasting food that blokes can grab out of the cupboard and enjoy with cheeses, cold cuts, pies or meat.It’s the perfect accompaniment to a fridge buffet, and a must have for your barbecue.

Created by Andre Dang, a former buyer for Harrods and Selfridges, Manfood came about as a direct result of family complaining about a lack of properly crisp, chunky pickles.

Cavendish Cooks - October 2013

Cavendish Cooks BristolWe are thrilled to be working with Cavendish Cooks of Bath to bring you a range of delicious home cooked fine dining ready meals to take home. 

We went to see Cavendish Cooks in Bath to try the range and see how all the meals are made.  We love the focus on quality, the range and fantastic flavours of the meals and were impressed with the enthusiasm and passion Nancy and Rebecca have to make the best fine dining ready meals available.

See details of the full range

Bradley's Juice - Intro June 2012

Bradleys Apple JuiceBradley's Juice is a family run business, producing outstanding English juices at Box Bush farm in rural Somerset.  They specialise in producing the most fantastic single variety apple juice using only the very best hand picked apples. The juice is made in small batches and pressed at Box Bush Farm using traditional methods of production. Once the juice has been extracted from the apples, it is left to settle following which it is bottled and gentle pasteurised. 

Forage Fine Foods - Intro June 2012

We’ve got a bit of a thing about forgaed foods hence already working with Heavenly Hedgerows so when we met Liz from Forage Fine Foods we were keen to bring her range of complementary products into the deli. Forage Fine Foods BristolLiz has spent years playing with ingredients to create products which taste sensational and add a new, wildly irresistible dimension to home cooking.

Store cupboard staples include Wild Herb Rub, a wonderful blend of herbs inspired by the type you'll find in a traditionally farmed pasture - smelling somewhere between hay and tarragon, it's a celebration of our green and pleasant land, whilst the smell and taste of a traditional British herb garden; lavender, lovage, hyssop and savory have been bought together in a delicious herb blend,

Potager If you fancy a wild condiment or splash of flavouring, look no further than the sensational Pontack - an age old recipe of elderberries and cyder vinegar tweaked to suit modern palettes.

Timmy's Chillies - Intro Apr 2012

Timmys Chillis BristolTimmy’s Chillies have recently launch three fantastic products; Marmanaga, Lemonchillo and Quincefire.  We were blown away by the taste of Tim’s chilli marmalades and jellies made from locally sourced ingredients.  Great spread on toast, as an accompaniment to cheese or added to sauce with roasting meats, fish and vegetables. 

LIDO Bristol - Intro Dec 2012

Lido BristolA lot of our customers are also regulars at the nearby Lido Bristol so we contacted them to see if we could work more closely and are delighted to now stock their brand new range of shower gels, handwashes, shampoos, conditioners and handcreams. 

All the products are brand new to the Lido and we were able to stock the whole range from their launch in December.

As you’d expect from the Lido all are made to the highest standards.

Slate Boutique - Intro Dec 2012

Slate BoutiqueSlate gifts & homeware in dark slate and the more rustic, country-feel reclaimed Cornish slate. We particularly love the heart and large round cheese boards made from Welsh Slate.

Slate Boutique is yet another local company (Bristol based) that we are delighted to now be working with.

A&J Fudge - Intro Nov 2012

Bristol Fudge is the latest addition to be added to our list of local products produced by independents. Crumbly fudge and it's dangerously good too all put together in beautiful Bristol inspired packaging.

Montezumas Chocolates - Intro Oct 2012

Providing Chocolate Gifts and Luxury Handmade Chocolate Bars in the UK.Montezuma Bristol

Helen and Simon founded Montezuma's in 2000 hand making their luxury chocolate bars, truffles and gifts with one little machine from one shop in Brighton. We love the quality of the chocolate, the fantastic variety and the great packaging.

Holdsworth Chocolates - Intro Oct 2012

Boxed handmade chocolates from Barbara Holdsworth using the very best quality, ethically sourced ingredients, to her own unique recipes.

Chilli Sauces - Upton Cheyney Chilli Company - Intro Sep 2012

Upton Cheyney ChilliThe Upton Cheyney Chilli Company specialise in the cultivation of chillies. The chilli sauces and chilli jams are lovingly made in small batches in the kitchen of their Upton Cheyney (between Bristol and Bath) farm shop.

We met Louise and Alex at the 2012 Bristol Good Food Awards where they also won an award for their products.

Mr Trotter's - Britsh Pork Crackling - Introduced Aug 2012

Mr Trotter was born from the shared passion of three pork scratching aficionados – Tom Parker Mr Trotter'sBowles, Matthew Fort and Rupert Ponsonby – and innovative pork scratching producer, Graham Jebb from RayGray Snacks.

Over a few pints in 2009 Tom and Matthew started ruminating about the possibility of creating a superior scratching – one that was made more of pork than salt and fat, that used British pigs rather than Danish pigs, and that didn't fizz with curious seasonings.

It looks better. It crunches better. It tastes better. It's made from prime British pork skin from the finest British pigs. It's cooked in small batches by hand and it's seasoned without a trace of MSG.

Coedcanlas - Marmalade - Introduced August 2012

CoedcanlasWe have been stocking Coedcanlas Welsh honey and honeycombs for a while and we were excited when Nick dropped in a sample of his new marmalade for us to try.

They brought in organic Seville oranges and organic sugar and slow cooked the oranges overnight with their honey to create a very dark marmalade that is just bursting with oranges. We had to stock it and are one of the first delis to stock this fantastic marmalade (called No. 8).

Lyme Bay Winery - Introduced August 2012

Lyme Bay WinesWe were looking for a range of British fruit wines to complement our existing list of international wines and are delighted to now be working with Lyme Bay Winery.  Based in the southwest near Lyme Regis they have a wide range of delicious fruit wines based in typical English fruits. We picked a few of our favourites, namely Peach, Strawberry and Damson.

We also stock the new Lymelight range of lower alcohol wines that we feel are perfect for a picnic at just 5.5%.

Bath Harvest Rapseed OilBath Harvest - Introduced August 2012

Another new company from Bath, in fact the farm is just 14 miles from the deli. The Bath Harvest Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil has just won a bronze award in the Taste of the West 2012 awards.

We love it's smooth and mild flavour which can be used for drizzling, salads, roasting, baking & stir-frying.

The Bath Food Company - Introduced August 2012

The Bath Food CompanyThe Bath Food Company is another new supplier for us in 2012. Born out of a passion and love of food, the desire to create a range of Chutneys that were not an "off the shelf item" was very important to Lisa and Nick.

They match what we are looking for in new products being local, beautifully packaged and most importantly they taste fantastic. Why not give them a try at the free tasting we have lined up.

Heavenly HedgerowsHeavenly Hedgerows - Introduced July 2012

Heavenly Hedgerows is another local artisan supplier we are delighted to now stock.  All their produce is collected in and around Keynsham (just outside of Bristol) and bottled in ‘treat-size’ jars within a day of picking to retain all the goodness that fresh fruit provides. Heavenly Hedgerows believes in responsible collection of wild foods. i.e: they leave lots for the birds!
We currently stock their vodka, jam and honey.

Seasons - Flavoured Ciders - Introduced June 2012

Seasons Cider BristolWhen Chris brought in a local cider made with elderflower, it was ticking so many boxes that we had to give it a go. We now stock 3 of the range, Elderflower, Orange & Raspberry and Cranberry. We already stock Sheppy's cider and these new ciders are made with their help so we knew they would be great. Chris is also running a free tasting of them on Saturday 30th June, so give them a try and see whether you agree with us.

Spanish Honeycomb - Acorn Blossom - Introduced June 2012

The local bees have bee struggling of late so we've been unable to take any honeycomb, as they need to use it themselves to get through the bad weather. So instead we've brought in some honeycomb from Spain through our friend Daniel James. It's beautiful honeycomb from bees that have been feeding on Acorn Blossom, which gives a really dark almost, toffee coloured honey.

Bristol BBQCalifornia Rancher - Introduced May 2012

These award winning rubs and sauces are another new addition to our range; perfect for a Bristol barbeque. The sauces and rubs have been designed to match those created by ranchers from California where they season joints of meat and grill them over an open fire.

limoncello BristolLimoncello - Introduced May 2012

We've been searching for Limoncello (sometimes called Limoncino) for a long time and we are delighted to have finally found one we really think lives up to the name.

Somerset Brandy - Introduced May 2012

Somerset Brandy BristolThe first written records of Cider Brandy go back to 1678Recently, however, there has been a revival of interest, led principally by the Somerset Cider Brandy Company, which in 1989 was granted by HM Customs the first full cider distilling licence in recorded history. 

Somerset Cider Brandy evokes all the magic and mystery of the West Country's proud cider making and apple growing tradition.

We now stock Somerset Brandy, Kingston Black Apple Aperitif and Somerset Apple Vinegar.

Artisan Kitchen - Jam & Marmalade - Introduced May 2012

Artisan Kitchen BristolThe Artisan Kitchen preserves, jams, marmalades and pickles are handmade and homemade - literally - in small batches in a big copper pot bubbling away at the heart of a small Gloucester kitchen.

We loved the range of unusual by really tasty flavours. Currently we stock Raspberry & Chocolate Jam, Seville Orange Cocao Marmalaade and Tutti Frutti jam.

Saison BristolSaison - Introduced April 2012

The Saison range of salts and sugars are one of our latest product lines. We've worked with Richard Mabb before with his Gustosecco products and now we're stocking his latest creations of flavoured salts and sugars.

PelagoniaThe Pelagonia Range - Introduced April 2012

Pelagonia is an award-winning ethical Macedonian roasted pepper meze range created for foodies including roasted red peppers & Pumpkin Jam. We recommend having them with flat breads and love the range of flavours and quality of these fantastic mezes.

Rupert BlamireRichard Blamire - Introduced April 2012

As part of our ethos to work with local producers we are delighted to have introduced a new range of beautiful olive dishes, olive oil dispensers and tapas dishes from Rupert Blamire. Every item is made by hand in Bristol. We love the amazing range of colours and high quality finish that Rupert and his team have managed to create.

Nim's Fruit Crisps - Introduced March 2012

Nims Crisps BristolWhat makes Nim's different; they are not to be confused with dried fruit, freeze-dried fruit or chewy baked fruit. Nim’s are made from only the freshest fruit with no additives or preservatives of any kind. They are simply sliced and dried into delicious, crunchy crisps to enhance their natural flavour. Each 22g – 24g bag of Nim’s has only 62 – 78 calories. Nim’s are so healthy each bag counts as one of your five a day!

Calling all Suppliers - We are always keen to hear from new suppliers, particularly ones based in Bristol and the South West of England. Choosing local suppliers enables us to better support our community, reduce food miles and therefore the impact on our environment.  If you feel you have great products that we should have at Arch House Deli then please let us know.

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