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Hobbs House Bakery

Hobbs House BristolWe are delighted that from 31st May 2011 we stock and use bread and pastries from Hobbs House Bakery, in our view the finest Artisan baker in the country.

All are available to purchase in the deli and as part of a mixed bread board – a new addition to our menu – in the café. 


All our bread comes from Hobbs House Bakery.  Based in Chipping Sodbury (just north of Bristol). 

  • All hand made using traditional techniques.
  • All natural ingredients (no chemicals)
  • All flour sourced locally (other than for the French bread)
  • Free range eggs
  • Local organic milk
  • Stone ground flour

Are there any nuts in the bread

Hobbs Wild White CliftonThe only nuts present are in the Walnut Bread and the Fig &Walnut loaf.  They are also present in the almond croissants
Nuts are however present in the bakery so they can not guarantee cross contamination.


All breads are vegetarian


All breads are vegan (other than croissants which use butter and the Organic soda seed bread which uses organic milk)

GM Free

All breads are GM (Genetically Modified) free

Gluten Free

None of the breads are gluten free.  The spelt bread naturally has a reduced amount of gluten often suitable for people who are gluten intolerant but not for Coeliacs.

Dairy Free G-Stone Hobbs House Bristol

All breads are dairy free (other than croissants which use butter and the Organic soda seed bread which uses organic milk)

Yeast Free

The Wild White is yeast free (uses 57 year old sourdough culture) as is the Rye sour dough loaf


The G-Stone, Wild White, Organic White, Organic Malted Wheat, Organic Wholemeal, Organic Soda Seeds are all organic

Wheat Free

The Rye sour dough loaf is wheat free

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